Airbrush Tanning Is An Effective Way To Tan

Tanning has come a long way, with the advent of  outdoor tanning, indoor tanning beds, tanning lotions, and now Airbrush tanning.

It is a well-known fact that excessive exposure to the UV rays from the sun or from traditional tanning booths can be harmful to health. Airbrush tanning on the other hand provides nourishment to the skin without harming it and gives you that golden bronze look.

In simple terms, airbrush tanning provides tan with an aerosol. You have a can filled with tan color and ingredients and which forces itself through a nozzle to spread the tan over your body. This is done through the basic principle of compressed air. Thanks to technology, you also have cans filled with molecules having a medical polarity or quality to it which help it attach itself to the skin of an individual.
The quality of the airbrush tanning depends on how much of Dihydroxyacetone it contains. This substance, better known as DHA, reacts with dead cells on the upper skin surface and thereby creates a pigment by the name of Melatonin. The quality of the tan is directly proportionate to the quantity of Dihydroxyacetone. The more is the quantity of DHA, the more dark will the tan be.  

The US FDA however has laid down certain precautions with respect to the use of Dihydroxyacetone. The FDA has approved the color additive in 1977, yet it has recommended that it be used for external application only and should not be accidentally ingested. It should not be sprayed on the eyes, ear, mouth or the nose.  Goggles for the eyes, nose and earplugs and a balm coating for the lips should be used during the spraying process.
The bottom side of airbrush tanning is that  you get a relatively lesser tan than what you would if you went out into the sun.
The advantage of airbrush tanning over other techniques is that you get a tan which is uniformly and evenly spread throughout your  body. Therefore, no streaked skin, no blotches, no dark patches. All you have is a tan that could be the cause of envy to some!