Amber Mist Spray Tanning

Beauty is not skin deep but the color of your skin can really make a difference to your personality. Gone are the days when fair skin was considered to be the epitome of beauty. Today, brown skin is in. Earlier, browning of skin (tanning) was a time taking process. It was necessary to be out in the sun for a decided number of days, before you could see the desired results. Tanning is visible when the melanin content of your skin increases considerably. This happens when the skin is exposed to sunlight since, the ultra violet rays make the skin produce more melanin. A tan achieved in such a way is known as suntan.

But, with spray tanning gaining ground, tanning can well be achieved indoor. Amber mist spray tanning can be done in a salon near your home, and there is a wide choice available in these salons. Sunbathing has now become past with the arrival of spray tanning technique. It's now easy to get the desired copper tone in almost no time. Picking up a spray tan is as easy as going to the nearest grocery or drug store to pick a product from the shelves.

Being a sunless tan, spray tan obviously possesses some advantages. It reduces the risk of skin cancer and sun burns which pose a major threat to a person getting a suntan. Apart from this, it can be done in minutes, as opposed to a regular suntan which needs a minimum of few days to be achieved.