Choosing The Correct Sunless Tanning Products For You

There are a number of sunless tanning products available in the market today. The effectiveness of these product s may vary. Similarly the products are also priced in different blocks. The sunless tanning treatment on the cheap end include the sunless tanning creams which are available for a few dollars. On the higher side you would have to pay hundreds of dollars for sunless tanning salon session. There are number of options which means that making choice becomes very difficult.

It is a well known fact the a number of sunless tanning products are completely harmless. You must however keep in mind that in no case would they be able to prevent the damage caused to yours kin by the sun or by artificial UV radiation. You need to take secondary precautions to protect your skin from damage as much as possible. Then there are some methods like tanning pills which are known to be unfriendly to the skin. Most of the sun tanning pills are not approved by the FDA.

One more thing that you must keep in mind is that life of tan given by the sunless tanning products. There are spray tans which can last for around a week. Tans induced by creams or powders wears off at a much faster pace however.

You must know that the sun gives out three types of ultraviolet radiations. The tanning beds and lamps also give out the same three types of radiations. From the 100 to 290 nm is the UVC radiation, from 290 to 320 nm is the UVB radiation, and UVA radiation is at 320 to 400 nm. Both the UVA and UVB are harmful for our body. Protection against UVB is easier as compared to UVA but in any case you are subjected to radiation damage. Sunless tanning is not able to protect you from this radiation damage.

Finally you must make sure that the tanning products must match your skin type as well as the other sunless tanning products you are going to use. Choice of products which do not match your skin type would land you in severe trouble.