Clarins Offers Some Of The Best Tanning Products

Self tanning products are the rage amongst the people looking for that gorgeous bronze body tone. Many cosmetic manufacturers the world over have strived to provide the consumer with highly effective tanning products to achieve that dream. Here we look at Clarins- one of the most effective self tanner producers in the world.

Clarins is a well known brand in the world of cosmetics, most renowned for its attention to customer safety details. Each individual Clarins product is made up of 100 % pure plant extracts- a first of it's kind. The raw materials which are used in the products are checked thoroughly through continuous controls. Innocuousness too is tested just as carefully.

Today, Clarins has a wide range of natural products designed to take care of every beauty requirement. The Clarins tanners are particularly popular amongst those looking for a safe and healthy tan minus any unnecessary health risk. The Clarins tanning products come in two categories- those meant for face and the others for body.

Clarins Tanning Products for Face
The Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning- the product is specifically suited for the face and d├ęcolletage and can be applied with great convenience. The liquid is as refreshing as water with a delicate fragrance and can be applied with the help of a cotton pad. The liquid bronze self tanning suits all skin types and helps even the fairest of skins achieve that healthy tan glow throughout the year.

Intense bronze self tanning tint- the intense bronze self tanning tint enhances your skin tone with a golden glow reminiscent of a holiday under the sun. It's tropical tanned colour not only intensifies with each passing hour but also consistently remains natural looking. You may maintain or enhance the colour as you wish by reapplying the product.

Delicious Self Tanning Cream- the cream consists of the goodness of the cacao and provides a natural looking tan. The product also comes with an error proof application which ensures an even tan. The cream moisturizes the skin while being applied with a gorgeous caramel colour to help guide the application.

Clarins Tanning Products for Body
Self tanning instant gel- this non oily gel provides an instant natural looking tan and also helps prevent premature signs of skin ageing. What's more, the product has won tons of beauty awards including the Allure Beauty Awards and the Glamour Glammy Awards.

Self Tanning Milk (SPF 6)- this particular product contains the benefits of sesame oil. Along with SPF 6, the product also provides comprehensive sun protection while intensifying a tan during sunlight exposure.

Radiance Plus Self Tanning Body Lotion-
the body treatment leaves the skin revitalized and radiant with adequate moisture and skin enhancing vitamins. It is a recipient of the Allure Beauty Awards as well.

Therefore, if you're looking for safe but highly effective self tanning products, Clarins is your best bet.