Clinique Self Tanning Body Mist

For those who are in awe of a tanned complexion, a dash of bronze only on the face won't just suffice. You would need the sun kissed complexion on other parts of your body too. Enter - Clinique Self Tanning Body Mist!

The Clinique Self Tanning Body Mist is a sunless tanner that is meant for use only on the body. It scores high on quality, offers easy usage and provides you with an even tan. Let us take a closer look at this product.

Even application
A smooth and even application is the USP of this self tanner. If you have a problem achieving an even application or if the skin on your palms turns darker than elsewhere, then this one is a great option. The product makes use of an easy to spread formula that ensures an even tan.

Smells great
A common problem with most self tanners available in the market is that they have a rotten smell. Thankfully enough, this is not the case with the Clinique Self Tanning Body Mist. It has a fabulous smell. So, you do not just look great but smell great too.

Sets fast
Getting late for a party? The Clinique Self Tanning Body Mist is the best option herein. This self tanner makes use of a fast drying formula that dries out quickly. It usually takes an approximate of ten to fifteen minutes to dry out. So, you can quickly dress up and that too with the sun kissed complexion in place.

No more orange palms
Most self tanners leave you with orange palms, leaving the tell tale signs of your tanning process. But, with the Clinique Self Tanning Body Mist, you do not have to deal with this problem. The product is available in an easy to use spray form. Just spray on the product and you can avoid the problem of orange palms.

Easy usage
Since the Clinique Self Tanning Body Mist comes in a spray form, using it should not be a problem. Simply, spray the product on the desired areas and gently rub it with your hands. Wash off your hands quickly to avoid orange palms. Now, wait for five minutes before you start dressing.

Zero side effects
Clinique is a known name in the world of skin care. Thus, you can expect the Clinique Self Tanning Body Mist to offer you the same quality as other Clinique products. The product makes use of absolutely skin friendly ingredients to offer you the safest tan possible. Unlike other self tanners that cause unwanted itching along with skin irritation, this product is absolutely safe to use.

Give the Clinique Self Tanning Body Mist a try and you will not be disappointed.