How to Find Tanning Bed Lamps on Sale

Now that you have your own tanning bed, you will have to buy consumables such as lamps. You may be looking for tanning bed lamps for your tanning bed and you probably have realized that these are not very easy to come by. Finding lamps at a discounted rate or on sale is all the more difficult. With a little bit of perseverance and advice you can find such lamps.

Lamp manufacturers often change the packaging of the lamps to make it more attractive. In that case, manufacturers sell off their old stock with the old packaging at discounted rates. If you come across such a lot, then you can make a considerable saving by purchasing new lamps at discounted rates.

Now that you have bought your own tanning bed, you may not be visiting the saloon for tans very often. These saloons do provide many other services such as manicures, pedicures and hair styling. It is a good idea to keep visiting these saloons for other services and in the process build up a rapport with the owners or managers. You could ask the manager to include your requirement for lamps on their order.

Since saloon owners buy lamps in bulk, manufacturers will definitely be providing them with the best deals possible. They definitely would not mind obliging you by including two or three extra lamps on their purchases so you can benefit from the rates at which they buy these lamps.

Saloons often do go down under, although not very often. If you know a saloon that is not doing too well and wants to dispose of its stock of tanning beds and lamps, you could get a good deal on the lamps.

There is however, a word of advice for you before you try to buy lamps at a low or discounted rate. Check the manual of your tanning beds for the types of compatibility of lamps that it supports. You do not want to land up with lamps that your tanning bed does not support. Always buy lamps that are compatible with your tanning bed.