Indoor Tanning Lotion

Indoor tanning lotion is a single solution, which gives your skin not just one but three benefits. The skin is hydrated, oxygenated and the lotions moisturize and nourish your skin. Prior to tanning, nourishing the skin is very necessary. Skin nourishment ensures that the light does not harm your skin.

Functions of an indoor tanning lotion:

Nutrition: The skin is a vital organ of the human body. Like other organs, it also requires nourishment. Your skin is also in very much need of vitamins and nutrients, especially vitamin D. Tanning lotions provide all of the essential nutrients to nourish your skin.

Hydration: Tanning lotions moisturize and tone up your skin to ensure that the skin is able to absorb the sun or the artificial UV rays. Hydration also ensures that the skin is able to retain the tan for a longer duration.

Oxygenation: To rekindle the spark in your skin cells and subsequently get you that desired glow.

So what are the advantages and benefits from using an indoor tanning lotion?

 Well, the lotions save you tremendous time and help you moisturize your skin. Indoor tanning is always preferred than outdoors because you can save yourself from getting sun burnt. Certain types of lotions called as accelerators speed up the process by which your skin gets a tan. Last but not the least, lotions help to protect you from skin dryness, reduce skin chapping and leave you with a rich and a healthy skin.

Indoor tanning lotions are prepared after intensive research and use the finest of natural ingredients. Only the best of oils and natural sources of vitamins are used in their preparation to preserve and enhance the beauty of your skin. Moreover, they are produced in botanical environments and under controlled conditions without any kind of artificial preservatives or colors.

Follow safe and healthy tanning practices and get yourself a tan that will last!