Neutrogena Instant Bronze Deep Self Tanner

If you are looking for a harmless and convenient way to get that sun kissed look then self tanners can be a great choice. Though you have several options in self tanners, it is products like Neutrogena Instant Bronze Deep Self Tanner that actually make a mark.

For a deep tan
In case, the lighter and negligible tanned complexion is not your thing then the Neutrogena Instant Bronze Deep Tanner is the perfect option. This self tanner offers you an absolutely deep tan, giving you the absolutely sun kissed complexion. The product is also available in a medium tan shade. So, you can easily pick one that suits your needs.

Tanner cum bronzer
The Neutrogena Instant Bronze Deep Tanner is a two in one product. It includes a sunless tanner cum instant bronzer. So, if you are looking for something that can give you a tanned complexion along with a perfect touch of bronze then this one is the perfect option. The bronze tint in the product helps you get a healthy tan that looks absolutely natural.

High on quality
Coming from the house of Neutrogena, you can trust this one to be a quality product. It makes use of skin friendly ingredients so that you get that bronzed complexion without dealing with any unwanted side effects. This means that you will not have to deal with any skin irritation or itching on using this product.

Dries quickly
For those who do not have the patience to wait for the self tanner to dry out, the Neutrogena Instant Bronzer is a great choice. It dries quickly ensuring that you are ready within minutes. The product takes a tan setting time of just 30 minutes. However, you can dress up within 5 minutes of application as the product dries out quickly, courtesy - it's fast dry formula.

Easy to use
This self tanner is available in an easy to use cream form. Simply put on the cream on the areas you wish to have the tan. Since the self tanner comes with a bronzer, it helps you know where the cream is being applied. This aids in an even application.

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