Pros And Cons Of Self Tanning Products

One of the simplest and easiest ways to get a sun kissed look is through self tanning products. Sunless tanning lotions and sprays give you the complexion of your choice without any hassles. Let us take a look at the various pros and cons of these self tanning products.


* They do not expose your skin to harmful UV rays. Both- tanning beds and sun tanning exposes you to harmful UV rays. These UV rays can cause premature skin aging, sun burn and may have even fatal consequences such as skin cancer. However, self tanning products give you that golden glow without exposing you to any kind of UV rays. Thus, you are able to avoid numerous risks that are accompanied with conventional tanning methods.

* Most often tanning via tanning beds results in rough and scaly skin. Tanning products, on the other hand, make your skin soft and supple. These products include plenty of moisturizers, vitamins, herbal oils and other skin friendly ingredients. So, while you get that darkened complexion, your skin remains soft and healthy.

* Tanning is a process that takes time. You need to lie down several times in the sun before you finally get that sun tan. Even if you are going to a tanning salon, you need multiple tanning sessions before you get the complexion of your choice. In comparison, tanning products require much lesser time. Just apply them and you will get that golden glow in an hour's time.
* If you fall in the skin type 1 category then nothing works better for you than these self tanning products. People with skin type 1 are advised not to expose themselves to sun or tanning beds.
* While some people want only a slight golden glow, there are others who are looking for a completely bronzed complexion. But, no matter what you want, you can easily get it with the help of these tanning products. Self tanning products are available in a wide variety in the market. So, you can easily choose one that best meets your needs.


* Most of these self tanning products are accompanied with an unpleasant chemical odor. Thus, it is better that you apply these products the night before sleeping so that you can wash it off the next morning.

* These self tanning products may not work well for all skin types. If you have aged, sun damaged or freckled skin, then these self-tanning products are just not the right option for you.

* Self tanning products make use of DHA as the primary ingredient. This ingredient tends to get transferred to clothes including nylon, silk and leather clothes. Thus, when using these products try to wear cotton clothes as it is easier to remove these stains from cotton clothing.

* Some people may have an allergic reaction after using these products.

Self tanning products have both- their share of pros and cons. However, you can easily overcome the drawbacks, provided you use these products with a little caution.