Some Best Self Tanning Products For You

Tanning, as a fashion trend, is probably a hot property at the moment. But, what really makes it scorching is that extra ingredient that appeals to the purchasing power of the customer as well as aesthetic sensibilities. Now this “extra ingredient” may constitute any range of cosmetic cures such as anti aging, sun shielding, skin firming, and even aromatherapy.

These products have certainly come a long way since the 1960s when it was first launched by Coppertone, and is no longer just about tanning. The new lotion has it all. So, what really sets apart the poor from the average, and the average from the brilliant? Is it the packaging? The skin enhancing virtues? Or, simply the hype? The idea is to zero in on the products which would meet all criteria from skin to ka-ching, plus a little something extra to make it the undoubted choice.

To learn which product is the best, you must first discover what suits you the most as product performance can vary from people to people. The ideal products must be able to give you natural color after application of about two to three coats, and must also contain DHA, the only active ingredient approved by the FDA for safe self tanning products.

While there is no one perfect self tanner for everyone, there are, however, some points to look out for. This would probably narrow down the field and give you a quality product to suit all your tanning needs. Other than DHA, one may also look for skin moisturizers or conditioners. But, it’s best to stay away from products with too many ingredients as they may react adversely with your skin type. Artificial fragrances may also be skipped as often as possible to minimize the chances of any allergy or reactions.

Some experts recommend looking for tanners with natural moisturizers such as Aloe Vera and skin friendly vitamins such as vitamin A and E. Two brands that contain these elements are Zia Solar Intelligents self tanning cream and Kiss My Face Instant Sunless Tanning.

For those apprehensive about past self tanning lotions which would convert a perfect skin tone into an orange tinge, the products now come with advanced features to combat just such a possibility. While tanning saloons are considered the faster and smoother alternative, the side effects are less than desirable, with the threat of wrinkles caused by the UV rays in the tanning bed looming large.

Some more things that should be on the checklist for the best tanning product include not only the final color result, but also how smoothly and easily it is applied, the fragrance, and how fast it is absorbed into the skin.

Products that reflect and impart these qualities include Estee Lauder's sunless super tan spray which absorbs quickly and looks natural; the Elizabeth Arden daily bronzer self tanning boost, known for its creamy consistency, its easy application and non streaking color and finally; the Loreal Ombrelle Sunless Tanning Cream for sensitive skin with SPF 15.

This creamy concoction has moisturizer properties, is both oil and fragrance free, and boasts of a non pore clogging formula which does not irritate the skin. With ready to use quality self tanning products like these, perhaps, you should go out and try one right away for a smooth and moisturizing tan, without the extra hassle. Right?