Tanning Bed Bulbs Make Tanning Safer!

The sunless method of tanning has become increasingly popular lately. It is also called indoor tanning. There is no need of sunlight in this form of tanning and is good for you in the winter. The reason is that few people want to move out in cloudy days of the winter and they crave for sunlight. The tanning bed makes up for it.

You can get indoor tanning bed bulbs at very reasonable prices. These beds are the perfect alternative to the baking of the body in the hot sun rays and there is also no need to go out to the beach in case you take the advantage of the tanning bed. Indoor tanning beds will give you enormous comfort in case you have decided to go for a tropical holiday. They can give you what you call a sort of kick start tan.

With the air brush tanning, you can have a lot of fun. In the sunless tanning, you use a lotion called DHA which is a chemical named dihydroxyacetone. When you use this method, you get a perfect golden tan in a span of 5 to 10 days. Airbrush tanning method with the help of tanning bulb has been approved by the FDA . This is one of the safest methods as far as indoor tanning is concerned. This method is considered far more superior than the traditional tanning methods or tanning commercial beds.

The property of indoor tanning bed is that it imitates the sun in many matters. In the tanning bed method, there is immense use of UVA and UVB rays which are responsible for a fine tan. You have to keep in consideration the ultraviolet radiation that emits from the tanning bed bulb. In case you know the pros and cons of the ultraviolet radiation in advance, you are definitely on a much safer zone.

The tanning bed bulbs are manufactured with the help of both UVB and UVC technology. These bulbs have their own share of drawbacks and are harmful to certain extent because of UVA rays. In anyways, there is great demand of Wolff tanning bed and bulbs these days and they are also used by the best of the tanning salons lately.