The Quest for Cheap Tanning Bed Bulbs

The most important component of the sunless tanning beds are the sunless tanning bulbs used in them. Since the sunless tanning bulbs need to be replaced on a regular basis, it is a must that you should find cheap tanning bed bulbs. Since cheap tanning bulbs must not make compromises on the quality side either, we shall mount a quest to locate the sunless tanning bulbs which give the best price to quality ratio.

The very basic thing to be considered in this quest for cheap tanning bulbs is the type of bulbs that is required by the tanning bed. You do not want to buy any tanning bulbs and then have nowhere to go because the tanning bed bulbs you purchased are not compatible with the tanning bed you have.

The second thing that you would need to keep in mind is the warranty period and the conditions under which warranty comes. With the cheap sun tanning bed bulbs, you would be hard pressed to find an absolutely no questions asked warranty but if you can get a warranty for an year or so, it would do the trick.

The best way to get good quality bulbs at cheap prices is of course making bulk purchases. Not only is this more convenient then having to buy the replacement bulbs as and when you want, it is also beneficial because you would easily get the standard model and wattage so you would not have to look from shop to shop in order to find the bulbs of the type and power you need. if you are able to purchase cheap tanning bulbs in bulk, you would also be able to have then delivered at your doorstep free of cost.

You can find cheap tanning bed bulbs from three main sources. First are the advertisements given in the health and classifieds section of the newspapers. Secondly you can contact the local tanning salon and check out with the distributor from where they get the tanning bed bulbs and the third way is to look for cheap tanning bed bulbs on websites dealing in health care products.