Benefits of Using Indoor Tanning Lotions

There are tanning lotions, tanning oils and other products for carrying out the act of tanning inside a tanner. These products are not important for indoor tanning only but for sun tanning too. The tanning sessions are complicated in the sense that they are artificial modes of UV radiations and the degree of radiations by the lamps often tend to leave the side effects.

The tanning lotions are thus beneficial in the heated tanning bed environment as a protection shield to the intricacies that arise due to tanning. The skin dries up, sunburn occurs, and sometimes red rashes appear in the session of tanning as side effects. The lotions have been prepared with different formulas to prevent these drawbacks of tanning.

If you use the tanning lotions, there are a number of benefits that you get from them. According to American Academy of Dermatology the use of tanning lotion is a must while an indoor tanning session. The benefits of using tanning lotions are:

  • The lotions with SPF formula prevents sunburn by preventing the penetration of UV rays through the epidermis of your skin. The SPF lotions contain zinc oxide that plays a pivotal role in the protection of skin from the ultraviolet rays.

  • The lotions for indoor tanning contain dehydroxyacetone (DHA) formula that enhances the tanning procedure. The accelerating of tanning is beneficial in the sense that it reduces the time of exposure under the lamps and moderate tanning threats no risk. Also, it provides the dark tan that you desire for.

  • The tanning lotions also contain hydrating particles that keep the moisture balance of the skin intact and no wrinkles or dryness prevails.

  • They also provide nutrients, supplements essential for the skin and restore the condition of the skin. This makes the skin softer and healthier.

  • The amino acid tyrosine present in the lotions stimulate the melanin production giving a uniform and better tan.

  • They protect you from premature aging. Tanning without tanning lotion can indeed turn you into a beautiful witch.

  • The latest lotions contain advanced formulated ingredients for the extra care of your skin. They have no side effects for the smooth surface of your skin.

The benefits that the tanning lotion provide make them worth using while indoor tanning sessions. The tanning lotions should be used very attentively before and after your tanning session. Read the instructions properly on the labels of the bottles before use, since they are instructed for promoting the tan faster and better.