Discounted Tanning Lotions At Stores

 "Discount Lotion Tanning" actually means tanning lotions at discounted prices, available in the stores or distributors either offered by the company itself or by the retailers to clear the old stock. If you are looking for "discount lotion tanning", you can search the web where many retailers are selling online or you can order them by sending business envelops to them from catalogue.

"Discount lotion tanning" is offered by the shops where you get tanning products. The tanning lotions are in great demand because of their benefits. The lotions meant for suntan or sunless tanning aggravate the tan on your skin and help to get the golden brown look, relatively faster. The increase in sale has lead its manufacturers to offer discounted prices for the products also.

If you are enthusiastic to buy one of those, you should know before hand what product you are going to buy and what benefits you are going to derive from it. If you are buying lotions at discounted rate offered by the shops or distributors, it would be smart on your part to see the expiry date of the products. They might have given the discount to clear the stock of old goods.

Buy the lotion that you are in need of. There are two types of lotions- SPF formula and DHA formula. The SPF lotions protect your skin from the excess penetration of the UV radiations and protects the skin from sunburn. They are effective under the sun when you tan for long hours as well as inside the tanning beds. The DHA formula enhances the tan faster and they are suitable for tanning booths where, in the session of 15-30 minutes, you can have the desired tan.