Tanning Bed Lotion for Safe Tanning Experience

The new tanning beds have made getting the best tan very easy. You can get the best tan at any time you want. But just like anything else using a sunless tanning bed has its own drawbacks. You would need to use sunless tanning lotion in order to protect yourself from the bad effects of the radiation emitted by the sunless tanning beds.

The tanning beds use the same method to give you a skin tan as occurs when you want a suntan by a traditional sunbath. It exposes you skin to the UV radiation. The tanning beds emit UV radiation of a much higher intensity. This means that the risk of getting a sunburn in the sunless tanning bed is much more in the case of tanning bed as compared to that in the traditional sun based tanning.

The job of tanning bed is to prevent the radiation damage to your skin. It filters out the UV rays in order to eliminate the harmful radiation to the maximum possible extent. Apart from this , the tanning lotion also acts as a catalyst to the overall tanning process. It speeds up the tanning process and thus ensures that you have to spend lesser time in the tanning bed. Tanning lotions also make your skin glow and look young.

The tanning lotions are made of Tyrosine, Copper, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. The role of Tyrosine is to increase the pace of skin tan process. Vitamin E protects the skin from premature aging. Copper is added to decrease the visibility of scars and blemishes. Aloe Vera and other herbal ingredients act as skin supplements and moisturizers.

Tanning lotions are available in different types. They are based on the type of your skin. There is no universal tanning solution for all types of skins. Therefore it becomes necessary that you should select  the tanning lotion specially prepared for your skin. You can find tanning lotions specially prepared for people with oily skin, dry skin and normal skin. You must consult with a dermatologist to check out the  best skin tanning lotion for you.