Tanning Bed Lotions

The use of tanning beds achieved another milestone by the use of tanning bed lotions that help to enhance the tan process and also give a safe coppertone to your skin. The tanning bed lotions are different from sun tanning lotions. They have new formulae to improve your skin and protect it from acne, and other skin disorders.

Usefulness of tanning bed lotions:

  • The tanning bed lotions not only protect your skin from the harmful radiations of the ultraviolet rays but also enhance the tan, making the skin look better and gorgeous.

  • Generally, tanning is sometimes accompanied by the loss of moisture in skin or rashes, or sunburn. The use of tanning lotions reduce the possibilities of such dangers.

  • Saves your time because it moisturizes the skin and that process is more quick.

There are a number of tanning lotions from different brands. Sunscreen protection method in the tanning lotions helps to prevent sunburn if you are going for a tan in the sun. The self tanning agents in some products enhance the tan better. Tanning lotions come in two varieties:

  • SPF lotions for sunscreen protection.
  • DHA lotions that are self tanning lotions.

The indoor tanning lotions with SPF (Sunburn Protection Formula) protect the skin from sun burn and help in nourishing the skin whereas, the DHA (dihydroxyacetone formula) lotions have agents to stimulate the tan, giving certain pigment nourishment to your skin. Some indoor tanning lotions have both the formulae in one bottle or pouch to give the shine to your skin, reflecting the inner self personality of yours.

They also carry the three step formulae of the lotions nutrition, hydration and oxygenation:

1. Hydrating deeply moisturizes the skin sufficiently and maintains the level of proper tan.
2. Nutrition in the bottles helps to replenish the vitamins that are necessary to skin cells for promoting cell oxygenation and regeneration.
3. Oxygenation as a fuel to cells for accelerating tanning.

The skin gets tanned effectively with the tanning lotions and they are widely in use so that the problems to the skin don't occur. The western countries are very vigorously picking up the culture of tanning and the tanning lotions.