Important Things About Usage Of Tanning Beds

The tanning beds have made the process of getting a tan very easy and fast. No longer do you need to sit in the sun for hours at a stretch if you want a decent tan. With tanning beds, you can get a sun tan very fast and at any time you have time and feel the need to get a body tan. If you have decided to take up tanning beds, here are some tips that would help you in getting optimal results out of the tanning beds.

These tips, properly followed can be a great help in getting the level of tan you want but by exposing yourself to minimum amount of UV radiation. Not only can you control your level of tan, you can get the tan without having to spend too much time on the uncomfortable tanning bed. 

You must know what different lotions are to be used during tanning process. The se lotions are very necessary as they sort of lubricate the process of getting a tan. First of all you have to start with the accelerator lotion. The job of this tanning lotion is to make things go faster. While effective the capabilities of this lotion are limited. It is enough to get the base tan but to complete the process; you have to proceed to a second lotion.

After you notice that the amount of tan that your body is getting has stagnated, it is time to look for the lotion labeled number 2. Similarly after the step two lotion reaches its limit, it is time to proceed to step three, four and so on. Remember that you have to use these lotions in the order they are mentioned. Try to skip a lotion and things would not go fast, they would get out of control.

Similarly you must also restrict your exposure to tanning beds. Do not and under no circumstances whatsoever, should you use the tanning bed more then three times a week. While you might do well with lesser time, spending more time in the bed is openly inviting burns and radiation damage.

Remember that tanning beds must be used sensibly to get the best results out of them.