Royal Sun Tanning Beds

Royal sun tanning beds offer the best tanning results in shortest time with the latest tanning technology. The company is a provider of tanning beds that are extremely luxurious and sophisticated. The beds offer a degree of comfort that have to be experienced to be believed.

Royal Sun pays attention to each single detail of the equipment. The ultraviolet rays from the lamps are so perfectly adjusted that they emit the required radiations needed for a perfect brown tan. Tanning in tanning beds has usually been safe, but the company Royal Sun has set the standards for other manufacturers to follow.

Some models of the Royal sun tanning beds are:

A) Royal Sun UV Scan
It is the ultimate high pressure tanning bed that has a session of ten minutes tan. Top and bottom of bed rotate around the tanners for a uniform 360° tan.

B) Royal Sun Focus 160w Lamps

It has an inbuilt facial tanner and an efficient ventilation system, built in speakers and easy digital control system.

C) 54 Lamp Sun Capsule
This tanner provides you with a ten-minute tan with very effective results.

D) Royal Sun 46/6 VHR Turbo
This is a very comfortable bed with a 160W lamp that provides you a great tan within just twelve minutes.

Royal sun tanning beds are available in stand up models that provides the bronzing look in just 10-15 minutes. The company also manufactures airbrush spray tanning booths.

Some other noteworthy models of Royal tanning beds are-
* Royal Sun Medium Pressure Beds

The bed has forty-six VHR 160 watt lamps and five facial lamps and the tanning session requires just 15 minutes.

* Royal Sun Medium Pressure Stand Up Booth.
The booth has 48 VHR 160 watt lamps and 10 extra reflector lamps for facial tanning and the maximum time exposure is 10 minutes.