Types Of Tanning Beds

If you are a regular visitor to salons, you must be familiar with the sight of commercial tanning beds. These beds come in different shapes and sizes. In some salons you will see some sprawling beds which are especially manufactured for top-end salons. You will also see smaller and simpler beds which ostensibly resemble the home versions. Along with the variation in shapes and sizes, the prices are also seen to vary greatly. If you are looking for cheaper machines, you can easily own one by paying as low as $150. However, it does not reflect the whole scenario. The top models come bearing price tags as high as $50,000, which is a staggering amount to say the least.

There are basically three types of tanning beds—the conventional horizontal one, the tanning booth and the canopy beds. Commercial tanning beds are usually seen in the first two types. You should always keep in mind that the bulbs used in the beds emit ultraviolet rays which are exactly same as the rays of the sun. Ordinary bulbs do not have any check on the UV rays. When you buy a bed for your salon, you should remember to examine the quality of the bulbs. You should opt for low UV radiating ones. This will help you provide satisfactory service to your customers. You also have to ensure that the bulbs you buy are high-pressure ones which mitigate the ultraviolet effect.

In terms of market availability, commercial tanning beds are something found in hundreds of different models and makes. Given the sheer range, you may find it somewhat problematic zeroing in on a particular product for your salon. If indecision bogs you down, you will do better to check the products online. You should preferably go for the beds from reputed companies, as the risk factor is lower in them. While choosing a tanning bed, first consider the range that will be favorable for your budget. With famous manufacturers like Wolff, ETS and Sunquest in the fray, it will not be tough to pick the one that perfectly fits the bill for you.