What to Look For In a Good Quality Tanning Lotion

There are a number of tanning lotions that are available in the market. Most of the tanning lotions are effective. It just becomes a matter of brand preference. One user may prefer a particular brand whereas another user prefers another brand. There are certain tanning lotions that have properties and ingredients that make the product stand out from the rest.

A tanning lotion should give you a nice tan and should shield your skin from the damages of UV radiation. Most of the popular brands are approved and endorsed by various dermatologists and their associations.

Some of the major brands are Australian Gold, Supre, Swedish Beauty, Fiji Blend, California Tan, Designer Skin and Faux tan. These products provide a natural tan without theĀ  blotches or streaks and automatically adjust to your skin tone while providing you a youthful and natural tan.

Tanning lotions nourish, hydrate and oxygenate the skin. Most tanning lotions contain ingredients that provide the skin with necessary nourishment. These lotions do not provide you a tan but are an excellent means of skin care.

A good quality tanning lotion should have the following qualities.

A good tanning lotion should be of a high sun protection factor (SPF) value.

The lotion should moisturize the skin besides providing a tan

It should contain nutrients that are essential for the skin

It should have anti-aging substances such as carotenoids and beta-carotene

The lotion should not give your skin a bronze colored tone

The lotion should not contain any artificial dye

Before using a tanning lotion, you should read the enclosed instructions very carefully. Make sure that the tanning lotion matches your skin type. Check the ingredients carefully before use. If you are in doubt or wish to try another brand, consult your dermatologist for advice.