Ensure Safe Tanning- Know Some Frequent Asked Questions

A body tan is something which people would, proverbially, die for. They would go to great lengths in order to get that much coveted brown-colored skin. However, not always do they get the desired results. The main reason for emergence of complications is a lack of information with tanners.

Here are some FAQs that address the most basic facts that tanners need to be aware of.

What causes sunburn? What can I do about it?
Sun burn is one complication that tanners complain of when over-exposed to sun. It is an irradiation of the skin caused by UV light of the sun or a UV lamp. UV radiation is of two types: UVA and UVB. Amongst the two, UVB is considered as the cause of sunburn. In sun rays, the ratio of UVA to UVB can not be reduced. Hence, long exposure to sunlight is something that tanners should avoid. In its place, they can opt for tan lamps which have an altered ratio of UVA and UVB rays.

Does the law allow only adults to use tanning beds?

US laws do not prohibit the use of tanning bed. Both adults as well as minors can use a tan bed. However, effective July 1, 2007, it is mandatory for tan salon operators to obtain once every six months the consent of the parent or legal guardian of a minor (below 15 years of age) customer. If there is a contract with an under-15 year old without the parent/guardian's consent, the contract would be considered void. Customers who are 15 or older need to give their word-of-acceptance on a contract regarding the use of the tan-bed.

What steps do tan salon operators take in order to prevent spread of communicable diseases?
US laws pertaining to operation of tanning salons deal only with the sanitization of protective eyewear. As a rule, then, tan-bed operators have to provide only sanitized eye-wear. Regulations do not go beyond that. However, keeping in mind the demands of customers, most salons provided sanitizers. These easily available sanitizers are able to kill any residual bacteria from prior use. Consumers may use them if they have any doubts about the cleanliness of the tanning bed. Further doubts may be addressed to the tan-bed operator present in the salon.

Are there restrictions placed on tanning in the nude?
According to US laws, individuals are allowed to tan in nude in a tanning-bed. However, this is allowed under the influence of the assumption that the customer's privacy would be assured during the time-period of tanning.  If a breach of privacy occurs during this period, then laws are there to protect consumers. Section 18.2-130 (peeping or spying into dwelling or enclosure) and 18.2-386.1. (unlawful filming, videotaping or photographing of another) can be invoked.