120V Tanning Beds

120v tanning beds are mostly used for sunless tanning or self tanning at home. The 120v tanning beds make use of minimum potential difference to bestow upon you the bronze tan. Out of several other varieties of tanning beds present in the market, 120 v tanning bed is the only one, which is safe for home use. The tanning salon owners make use of tanning beds with high voltage. Solar Storm 24C Tanning Beds, Tropical Standard Frame Pro Model, Sun Quest 14 SE Wolff Tanning Beds and alike are some of the manufacturers of 120v tanning beds.

The features of 120V tanning beds are discussed below:

* Wolff Sun quest 120v tanning bed consists of twenty four bulbs and sixteen lamps. It also consists of high technology digital timer for safe and secure tanning sessions. You may also have comfortable stand up tanning beds.

* The Pacifica 120v tanning bed can give you marvelous results in just fifteen minutes. They are available in beautiful colors. They contain 400W facials bulbs, 160W bulbs in canopy and 100W bulbs in bench. Another tanning bed, the soltech Pro 20 is also used for indoor purpose though, it is basically designed for commercial purpose.

* These tanning beds only require 120 Volt of potential diffrence. Some of them have twenty facial tanning lamps with sun reflector lamps. They also consist of frosted acrylics, a high tech digital timer and a body fan. You need to spend at least 20-25 minutes for better results.