An Introduction To Home Tanning Beds

The home tanning beds are getting more and more popular every day. People have started to realize that instead of spending a lot of time at the tanning salons,they can now get tan in the time that they would have earlier spent in commuting to and from the tanning salon and save the time that would have been spent in getting the tan in salon. Moreover it turns out to be a lot cheaper as well.

Just some time back the World Health organization released a statement forbidding the people below eighteen years of age from using tanning beds. The statement is also endorsed by National Institutes of Health. All the home tanning beds come with a warning message in his regard. Indoor test beds are meant to be used with due care and precaution.

Most of the home tanning beds are powered by 120V or 220V connections. They can be used in any standard wall power outlet anywhere in the world. The home tanning beds have special UV bulbs in them which emit the radiation in controlled amounts invoking the melanin in your skin and giving your body, a sun tanned look.

The home tanning beds come in two different form factors. The more common type of home tanning bed is the horizontal type bed. This type of bed is also know as a capsule or a clamshell. This bed has tubular ultraviolet lamps lined up on its lid. You  have to lie on a glass or plastic surface which is the 'bed' of the home tanning beds of this variety. It is shaped to fit the body.

The other type of home tanning beds are the vertically shaped ones. In fact the term 'bed' is a misnomer here since you do not lie down but just stand up and get a full body tan.

Home tanning beds also come in a portable variety but they are still rather expensive and cumbersome. All the home tanning beds come with special timers which allow the bulbs to be turned off automatically and avoid over exposure to radiation. Home tanning beds are best if used in the proper manner.