Are You Searching For Used And Reconditioned Home Tanning Bed?

Don't wanna spend too much on new tanning bed? Don't worry, now-a-days many online sites sell used and reconditioned home tanning beds at very low prices. There are various customers who want to tan themselves in privacy of their abodes but, their pockets do not allow them to go ahead with self tanning. In that case, customers look for used and reconditioned home tanning beds to save their hard earned money. Though they prove cheaper for indoor tanning but, there are certain facts that they should keep in mind before purchasing them.

Certain facts to check out when looking for used and reconditioned home tanning beds are:

* Check the manufacturing year and date of the tanning bed.
* Try to go for new models, as new model tanning beds are safer than the old ones. Old model tanning bed lamps emit high amount of UVB radiations whereas, new model tanning bed lamps produce low UVB radiations safer for the skin.
* The features of tanning bed should be checked thoroughly and carefully. Look out that they work perfectly.
* Check if the lamps and acrylic sheets can be easily replaced or changed. If no then bust it.
* Put up few questions before the owner of the tanning bed. Why does he want to sell it? And only when you get a logical and justified answer, go for it.
* Now, the last but not the least point to be considered is the warranty. Companies selling these kind of used tanning beds sometimes provide lifetime warranty.

These are the few important points or tips to be considered while purchasing a used and reconditioned home tanning bed.