Home Tanning Beds - Catch A Tan Within The Confines Of Your Home!

If you are fed up of going to tanning salons every now and then, here’s good news for you. Now, you can afford your own tanning beds within the confines of your own home! Yes, this is true, home tanning beds have become so cheap that you can easily afford them. On the other hand, there are many financial schemes available for those who can not purchase it on down payment.  

Commercial tanning beds are good but to have your own tanning bed at home is a sheer luxury. For this, you can approach the companies which design tanning beds for specially the purpose of home use. These home tanning beds require 120-volt home outlets and are smaller in dimension than the commercial ones. This saves a lot of space at your home. Anyway, you need not worry about the potential of these beds because these are as powerful as the commercial ones.

A brand new home tanning bed can be purchased at around $2000. However, if you want to go for the ones that have some advanced features, then you need to pay somewhere around $5000. Anyway, it is fairly unlikely that people go for such extravagant ones and the lower end models are generally in big demand.

Besides, there are many financial schemes are also available for those who can not afford them on down payment.  So, if you really have a keen desire to own a tanning bed you can use these schemes. There are many banks and finance companies that give loans for home appliances including home tanning beds. But you need to have a good credit. You should also keep in mind that these financial schemes involve huge interests. So, be prepared for that.

Another option to buy a tanning bed at lower rates is to go for the second hand beds. There are many sources for used tanning beds and the salon may be a good option for that. These salons generally replace the tanning beds after specific time-period, so you have a good chance.

However, before going for the used tanning beds, it is important for you to check it properly. You can also take help of an expert and find out whether the used tanning bed is worth buying.