Home Vs Commercial Tanning Beds

Most of us yearn for the bronzed look proudly flaunted by movie stars and other celebrities. Therefore, we go for tanning beds which can make us look different. The best thing about tanning beds is that they serve the desired purpose without much side effect. You can classify these beds in two categories—home tanning beds and commercial tanning beds. Each of the two is marked by some distinct characteristics.

Home tanning beds are manufactured keeping in mind that they should be suitable for private residences. These beds are not for commercial use. Usually our homes lack that kind of space which characterizes a salon. Therefore, these beds have to be convenient to be placed in not so big a corner of your house. Also, the power category of home beds varies from that of the salon beds. Salon versions usually have higher power output. In case of the home beds the power is noticeably lower.

A good thing about home tanning beds is that you can maintain the bed according to your own standards. If you are a cleanliness freak, a home bed is what will nicely suit your needs. In salons, beds are used in multiple occasions within the span of a single day. You never know about the cleanliness quotient and health records of the previous user. It may create an uneasy feeling in you. On the other hand, in case of home beds you are the only user. At the most, your family members will be the only co-users. So, health risks are considerably lessened.

Home beds are lower priced than commercial beds. You do not have to pinch pennies in order to purchase one of them. The salons normally charge exorbitant amounts in return of their services. Acquiring a home bed helps you cut down on that cost altogether. Also, the companies provide full-fledged warranty schemes when you purchase a bed. Hence, even in case of a mechanical breakdown, your bed does not become a liability for you.