Tan Yourself At Home with a Home Tanning Bed

Imagine the sheer convenience of getting a tan at home using a home tanning bed. Tanning with a tanning bed is completely safe as long as you follow precautions. A tanning bed uses UV bulbs that mostly emit UVA radiation. This radiation mimics the sun’s rays and all you need to do is to lie down in your tanning bed for a very short period of time, wearing a pair of protective goggles and sunscreen lotion.

Tanning yourself in a tanning bed helps to prevent sunburn and other skin disorders that you are likely to suffer from if you overdo a tan in the open sun.   Of course, you can always visit the nearby gym, health spa or tanning booth and get a tan, but the convenience of owning your own tanning bed is unparalleled.

A word should also be said here about the advantages you will get in terms of hygiene. Since it is your very own tanning bed, you do not have to worry about possibly unhygienic conditions at a tanning salon. You also have unlimited privacy and you do not have to worry if people are snooping around.

If you are a health enthusiast, and you like to get a tan every now and then, then there is no option to beat owning your own tanning bed. Imagine the convenience of getting a tan, whenever you like and not having to pay fees at a tanning saloon.

Some of the models that are available for tanning yourself at home are:
 i) Solar Storm 16R Tanning Bed
 ii) Solar Storm 24R Tanning Bed
iii) Soleo 10V, Soleo 16
iv). SunQuest
 v).  SunDome
 vi). SunVision
vii).  StarPower
 viii). SunStar

These home tanning beds are perfect for indoor usage and are designed in mind keeping the needs of the customers. Home tanning beds are available in both folding and non-folding configurations.

Consult a pharmacist or dermatologist before using a tanning. A dermatologist will advise you about your skin type and the type of tanning lotion that you should use, besides other precautions that you need to follow.