Various Aspects Of Tanning Beds

Among the comparatively new contrivances aimed at enhancing physical attractiveness, tanning bed comes across as one of the most conspicuous. The tanning bed is primarily a mechanical contraption which can artificially give a tan to the person using it. A tanning bed emits ultraviolet rays resulting in darkening the color of your skin. The working process of the machine resembles that of the sun to a large extent. Like the sunlight, the machine sparks off the secretion of melanin, the pigment responsible for imparting a dark shade to our skin. The procedure looks pretty uncluttered, but in reality it is hardly so. Mechanically emulating the work of the sun is anything but an easy task.

As regards power output, tanning beds come in different categories. The power differs from bed to bed. The average time you have to spend in a bed is usually 20 minutes. Tanning beds have a number of light bulbs in them. When switched on, the bulbs give off sufficient amount of light and heat, which is roughly tantamount to the effects of the sun. After you have spent the required time inside the machine, you will attain the desired level of tanning. The beds made for home have bulbs of inferior power compared to the ones made for salon use. You have to adjust the time period according to the power of the machine.

Apart from being cautious with the time limit, there is another aspect which you will have to pay attention to while availing the services of the bed. You have to be careful enough not to forget putting on goggles and shield your eyes. The light emitted by the bed can cause irritation in your eyes. Prolonged contact of the light with the naked eyes can spell grave danger for your eyes.

There is another reason behind the popularity of the tanning beds. It facilitates the secretion of endorphins, which creates a sense of mental and physical well-being. This is precisely due to this fact that many users find the tanning bed to be an addiction.