Why You Need 110v Tanning Bed

Tanning beds have become very popular these days. A tanning bed is vastly admired as one the best tanning products. It provides even and cozy tanning. A tanning bed has lamps installed in it which provide the required ultraviolet radiations. One can just relax and lie on his back in these tanning beds. Salons are a most preferred place to get a tan. But, many people have also setup tanning beds in their house as per their needs.

The number of manufacturers offering tanning beds has increased with its high demand. The competition among these manufacturers is very intense. Additionally, the tanning beds are made in numerous types. The features of all tanning bed may vary from bed to bed and from one maker to the other. The general worry among the tan lovers is the amount of electricity they consume. The 110v tanning beds are known to consume the least electric power.

110v tanning beds are specially designed for use in households. Just plug it into the socket and have a tan. You don't have to worry about your electricity bill because the name '110v tanning bed' clearly says that it works at the reasonable electricity of only 100v. The 110v tanning bed comes with the promise of a luxurious tanning experience. In addition, its size is such that it easily fits into any room of your house.

The special design of these beds allows quick and consistent tan on your skin. The material used in their manufacturing is of high quality, which provides them the required durability. These beds can be cleaned effortlessly. Their parts can be easily changed. Also, the spare parts of 110v tanning beds are easily available, that too, at reasonable rates. One does not have to put a good amount of effort in setting it up, as it is assembled everywhere.

One of the highly cherished types of this bed is known as Solar Storm 24R 110v Tanning Bed. It has all the features that an 110v tanning bed should have. Some other characteristics of this product are: The aluminum reflectors are capable of providing optimum tan. The acrylic sheets are used in it. This permits a high rate of UV piercing which results in quick and dark tan.

You can maintain a track record of the time (in hours) for which it has been used. This is done with the hour counter. A stereo system is also provided with it. You can tune into Am/Fm or even listen to a CD, with it. This tanning bed comes with a lifelong warranty on frames and two year warranty on its parts.

If someone desires to use an 110v tanning bed in a 220v outlet, then buck boosters and voltage converts are the equipments that can be used. The purpose of both is same, i.e., maintain a steady and precise power flow. Voltage converters are a cost-effective option to buck boosters. But, remember that all 110v tanning beds may not work properly with it.