A Brief Review On Sunquest Tanning Bed

Sunquest 24RS Tanning bed by Wolff is one time tanning destination for all the tanning lovers. The main part of the tanning bed is the lamp. The normal beds have 12 lamps with no facial options. But the Sunuest lamps have 2400 watts, fitted with 24-100 watt tanning lamps.

Now, don’t you ask me, whether it is the tanning process equipment or an apparatus for shooting a TV serial! But you get optimum tan, to your heart’s content and the skin’s content. When you emerge out of your own tanning salon, you may have difficulty in recognizing the original you, of the pre-tan era!

It is the perfect setting that makes the Sunquest Tanning bed very popular. The maximum reflective rays give you the optimum tan. The session lasts for 20 minutes. The provision for option tanner is there for the asking. So your face tan aspect too, is adequately looked after. The bed has an internal cooling system and you feel comfortable during the tanning session of 20 minutes.

The material used in the making of the bed is high grade steel and aluminum. The Duramax 2000 exterior, made of acrylic makes the cleaning job of the bed easy. Size wise, there is no problem, you get the bed in many suitable sizes and one of them will suit your requirements.