Achieving Tan In Couple Of Days

You can achieve a tan in two ways—either by exposing yourself to the sun or by resorting to sunless tanning products. Given the leisure bereft daily schedule followed by most of us it is nowadays almost impossible to get a natural tan. Even though you manage to get a natural tan by holidaying on the beaches, you can not maintain it for long. Anyway, you can take heart from the fact that there are certain products available in the market which can give you as good a tan as the sun, if not better. What is more, the time factor does not hold centre stage in case of a cosmetic tan. Regardless of how bust your routine is, you can easily continue the use of these products to ensure that your tanned look endures.

There is a whole plethora of sunless tanning products which you can find in the market easily. There are tanning pills and lotions that help you achieve a tan without sitting in the sun. Tanning beds and face tanners can also be broadly included in this segment. However, when you hear about sunless tanning, the first thing that usually comes to your mind is tanning lotions and pills. In sun tanning, the innermost stratum of the epidermis is affected while sunless tanners show results in the form of a color change in the outermost layer.

The first such product was introduced in the market by Coppertone. It opened the door of a new frontier. As a result of continuous development in technology, now the market is flooded with such products. They come in different forms. It is up to you which product or form you go for—pills, lotions or sprays. Although the modes of use are different, they all serve the same purpose. You can get a tan as easily by popping pills as by applying lotions. The sprays can also affect an external cosmetic tanning with consummate ease.

However, you have to remember that the effects of these products are usually short-lived. As the dead skin cells come off, the tan also vanishes. You have to reapply the products on your skin after a gap of five to seven days from the previous usage.