Airbrush Tanning

It has always amazed me how the majority of celebrities always look so healthy, tan and absolutely perfect. They show up on the red carpets looking younger than they are and as stunning as possible. It makes me envious and yet, curious. Afterall, how can you have a tan for so many years and not have a single wrinkle? How do they never manage to gain a single ounce even though the years are moving by rapidly? Hollywood certainly has some secret weapons to fighting age and wrinkles, don't they? Plastic surgery has become commonplace now. Don't like your lips? Change them. Don't like your stomach? Change it. Hate your hair? Change that too.

I have discovered through some investigation and advertisements, how the celebrities get and keep their incredible tans no matter what the season seems to be. It is called airbrush tanning. It doesn't require weeks of laying in a tanning bed just to get a base tan. You can walk in pale as can be, and walk out within 30 minutes and have a tan. I wasn't quite sure what airbrush tanning really was, so I asked. Airbrush tanning is a mist of self-tanner that is sprayed onto your body. Some salons have booths that you can enter and little sprayers will spray the mist onto you. A few minutes later, you can dry off and walk out with a tan. I was pretty intrigued about this concept. I had tried self tanning lotions before and always had an orange tint afterwards which I thought was hideous. I couldn't help but wonder if getting an airbrush tan would be the same way.

Everything that I had read or heard about airbrush tanning was positive. It is deemed safe and there are no harmful dyes or chemicals. It is a lot safer than exposing yourself to the sun or tanning beds. Most people that spoke of it claim that it did not make them look orange, it looked very natural. Supposedly, it also lasted for a little longer than a week and faded naturally. I had no choice but to try it. I found a salon near my house that offered airbrush tanning and decided to go for it. If it didn't like it, I'd just return to my normal pale appearance - no harm done. I'd never know unless I did try it.

It was a bit more expensive than I'd anticipated but I imagine the cost varies from place to place. The only part that I can complain about was the temperature of the mist as it hit my body. I think that I actually squealed when the cold mist touched me. Minutes later, I walked out of the salon, looking more colorful. I'm happy to say that my experience with airbrush tanning was a positive one. I did not look orange or streaked, and loved the comments I received on my tan. I am now a fan.