Get A Spray Tanning Done

You want to look gorgeous and wanna become the pole star of the party you are attending tonight or those that are lined up for the weekends. Give your skin the bronze tan through spray tanning. Spray tanning is for short durations of 8-10 days, and less expensive for you to try out in the salons. The spray tanning gives you a brown tan look in just 20-30 mins and you would find yourself buried in compliments.

Spray tanning is done by applying a special mist to the body by spraying it on the body in a booth, which are available at most of the salons and spas. The mist emitted by the sprays contains DHA, a chemical that reacts with dead skin cells and cosmetically dyes them brown. So, after you spray tan, the skin turns to a golden brown color that usually looks like a natural tan.

Spray tanning mist is either water or oil based; those with sensitive skin should take a water base spray. Some of the salons offer different types of mists and you can choose the level of darkening. If your skin is very fare, don't go for took dark a shade, that will look fake and awkward.

The spray tanning though is a temporary tanning that lasts for a week to ten days but, it gives the natural look of a tan. They do not tan like under the sun or tanning by the tanners where Ultraviolet radiations provide the stimulation of melanin production to your skin. It is a fake bake method of tanning where the epidermis doesn't really turn brown. Airbrush tanning can be done while wearing bikinis as well as naked. While tanning the face, protect the eyes and the inner ear sector.

  • If you want to get the best results, shave, shower, and exfoliate your skin before you go for the tanning.
  • Keep your skin free from any kind of gels, makeup, lotions, oils or deodorants.
  • After air brush tanning, try to wear loose clothes and avoid any kind of exercise, shower after 12 hours hours.