Follow The Guidelines While Using Sunbeds

There has been an increasing furor over the risk associated with the use of sunbeds. But most of these risks can be avoided if you use sunbeds in the right way. Here are some guidelines that will help you use sunbeds in the right manner and therefore avoid any and every risk associated with them.
Consider your age
There is an age to everything and there is an appropriate age to use sunbeds as well. Children under the age of 18 are advised not to use sunbeds. In fact, the government of England is even considering banning the use of sunbeds for people below the age of 18. Use of sunbeds in younger people can lead to an increased risk of skin cancer.

Keep the number of tanning sessions in check
Sunbeds are not going to do you much harm till the time you exercise control over the UV exposure. Experts have mentioned time and again that it is over exposure to UV rays that leads to skin cancer. So, if you limit the amount of exposure to harmful UV rays, you are going to cut out the risks to a great extent. Thus, it is important that you limit the number of tanning sessions.

Take your skin type into account
There are some skin types that are just not meant for sunbeds. It is these skin types that come across maximum damage on using sunbeds. Typically, skin types are divided into six different categories from I to VI. Skin type I is the lightest skin shade and does not get tanned easily. As a result, people with skin type I tend to use sunbeds over and over again, which results in various side effects. Thus, it is important that you know your skin type before you go ahead and use a tanning bed.

Ensure supervision
The use of sunbeds is a tricky process for sure. If not done correctly, use of sunbeds can lead to sunburn, skin cancer and suppression of the immune system. It is for this reason that it becomes important for you to use a sunbed under the supervision of trained personnel. Using sunbed under the supervision of trained personnel ensures that you do not make any mistakes while using the sunbed and avoid unnecessary health risks. Also, make sure that the tanning salon of your choice offers proper health care support.

Make space between tanning sessions
If you are indulging in a frequent tanning spree then you are bound to end up doing irreversible damage to your skin. Make sure that you maintain appropriate gap between two tanning sessions. A minimum gap of 48 hours is a must between two tanning sessions to allow the repairing of UV induced damage in skin cells.

Usage of certain drugs
There are certain drugs that increase your sensitivity towards the sun. Some of these drugs include antibiotics, anti depressants, anti-diabetics, anti-fungals and the like. If you are using any of these medications, you might as well skip using a sunbed.

Stick to these guidelines and you will be able to get that much coveted tan while eliminating the risks to a great extent.