How To Use A Self Tanner On The Face And Body?

Self tanners are a great way to get that sun kissed look without exposing yourself to the harmful effects of UV exposure. While these self tanners offer you an easy and safe tan, it is important that they be used in the right manner for the best results. Here, is how you need to use them for the face and the body and enjoy that perfect sun kissed complexion.

For the face
Get ready
Before you start using a self tanner on the face, you need to get ready for the process. Pull up your hair and tie them neatly in a ponytail. Even a strand of hair sticking to your face during the application of self tanner can result in ugly tan lines.

Prepare your skin
You need to prepare your skin well to create a smooth skin surface. Use a deep facial cleanser to remove all the impurities sticking to your skin. Follow this up with the use of an exfoliation agent. This will remove the dead skin cells and give you a smooth skin surface.

Apply under eye cream
Use under eye cream so that the self tanner does not come in contact with the area under your eyes. It is recommended that the skin under your eyes be lighter than your skin as it makes you look younger.

Start applying
Take equal quantities of moisturizer and self tanner. Mix them together to create a fine blend. Now start applying this on your face using your fingertips. Make note that you must use only as much self tanner that is required to give you one shade darker than your skin tone.

Follow up with bronzer
Leave the self tanner to dry for a couple of hours. Once the tanner has dried, follow up with a bronzer. Sweep a dash of bronzer on areas like the forehead, cheeks and nose.

For the body
Dead skin cells accumulate more over other parts of the body as compared to the face. So, exfoliation is a must before you start with self tanning. Use a good body scrub when you are still in the shower for this purpose. Make sure that you give special attention to rough areas like knees and elbows.

Remove the hair
It is important that you shave before you tan. Use a good quality body oil instead of shaving cream. This will help you offer a smoother complexion, which will ensure an even tan.

Cover up nails
You do not want your nails to turn orange after the tan. To avoid this, rub Vaseline over your nails and cuticles.

Start tanning
Now start applying the tanner limb by limb. Start off with your lower legs. Apply the tanner over your shin and calf first. Now, switch to the thigh, applying the tanner from the front to back.

Follow these steps and you will be able to tan both your face and body just right.