Indoor Tanning is much safer?

If you are a regular visitor of a tanning salon, then you need to be familiar with all the possible effects of tanning beds on your health. There are several health risks being associated with the indoor tanning processes.

A lot of people have misconception that getting the skin tanned with the help of a tanning bed is less harmful than getting the exposure from direct sun. However, to get your skin tanned with the help of a tanning bed is no different from taking the sun bath. The only difference between these two is that the tanning beds produce more powerful UVA and UVB rays to give you fast results. Anyway, the direct rays are very dangerous. In any case, over-exposure either from sun or tanning bed is harmful and in some cases tanning beds are even worse.

Tanning beds become all the more harmful when they are not used properly. You can have several ailments like skin burns, premature aging of your skin etc. The main cause of the skin burn is the excessive use of tanning beds. In some cases the problem may even lead to skin cancer. So, it is important for you to use these beds in moderation. Every tanning bed is equipped with a time setter that allows you to set the time period of the bed according to your comfort.

However, when it comes to indoor tanning or tanning under sun, the experts go for indoor tanning. They are of the opinion that the side effects of tanning beds happen if the person does not follow the instructions. All you have to do is to use these tanning beds with caution. There are also some precautions that you should take while using these tanning beds. The most important thing that needs to be taken care of is the time limit. It is important for you to read the user’s manual carefully and set the time as per manual.

Before going for tanning, it is important for you to know about your skin type. Once you are familiar with the type of your skin, you can set the time of the tanning beds accordingly. Almost every salon has one health expert to help you understand your skin and to tell you how much tan your skin requires for getting the desired results. There are many tanning lotion that can help you keep your skin healthy. These lotions act as a value added agent to help you achieve your desired goal of nice golden brown skin.