Indoor Tanning Product

The indoor tanning product gives the natural tanning in a comfortable environment within your home or in a salon. The ultraviolet radiation of the sun is the main cause of the different kinds of skin cancer due to the harmful UV rays penetrating in excessive amounts in your body. The sunless indoor tanning product protects against the heavy penetration of the harmful ultraviolet rays because you receive moderate radiations regulated by timings.

Indoor tanning product effectively tan your body in the right proportion without giving sunburns. There are indoor tanning beds, tanning lamps for facial tan, tanning lotions, oils, tanning pills, and the tanning products are made with utmost caution to take care of your skin and provide a safe tan to your body. The benefits of indoor tanning products are:

1. The tanning beds tan by giving out the UV rays from the lamps and the radiation amount of the ultraviolet rays are limited in amount and they penetrate perfectly to tan.
2. The adjustable auto timer stops the tan in time and thus excessive tanning is prevented.
3. In sun tanning, you cannot regulate the time and there lies the possibility of penetration of UV rays causing problems to your skin.

The tanning beds come in both commercial as well as domestic models. The commercial beds are for salons where professionals give the tan to your skin. In home tanning beds, you do the task of self tan inside the tanning bed. The lotions have two functions to carry on. First, they give protection to your skin and secondly, enhance the tan. There are two kinds of tanning lotions- SPF formula lotions and DHA formula lotion. The former has sunscreen formula to protect the sunburn whereas the latter has tanning enhancement capability. The facial tanners are meant for facial tanning, a quick mode that you can perform anywhere for 15 minutes. The spray tanning is an artificial method of tanning by mists sprayed from the sprinklers of the tanning booth. The colors tan the skin giving a natural look, but it slowly fades away with time.