Salon Tanning Beds Make Tanning Easy

Salon tanning beds tan your body better since, at home you are not assisted by any one and you may not know the process well. Salon tanning beds are different in size and other functions from the beds that are used at home. The beauty concepts are known better by the professional salon tanning beds operators and hence they give the right amount of tanning.

The salons have various commercial tanning beds with different features. Some of the well known products are:

Tropical Rayz Standard Frame Pro Model, PerfectTAN BIG Frame Pro Model, Solar Storm 24C Tanning Beds, SunQuest 14SE Wolff Tanning Beds, SunStar ZX30, and alike which are imbibed with various features.

In salons, the tanning beds are safe for your skin and there is no chance of mishandling them because you are assisted by an expert in the work. The salon tanning beds provide some extra features than the home tanning beds.

If you are willing to buy a salon tanning bed for opening up a salon, you don't have to spend extra huge amounts for the beds. They generally fall within the range of $3000 to $6500.

Positive aspects of salon tanning beds:

i) They help in simulating the natural tanning process of sun in a clean, convenient, and comfortable environment.
ii) The skin is not damaged by ultraviolet radiation as under the sun and no disorder happens.
iii) A tanning bed protects you against heavy penetration of the ultraviolet rays giving moderate radiations regulated by timings of auto shut off.
iv) To protect and enhance the tan, they use lotions according to your skin type.

But, beware of certain facts regarding salon tanning:

1. Avoid over doing it.
2. Always take the help of an attendant and follow his instructions.