Self Tanning Tips For One And All

At times people want to have a glowing tan, but not under the sun. Since it is an established fact the over-exposure to sun causes a lot of ailments including skin cancer, people simply want to avoid it. Now you have to look for some other options for getting tanned which should be healthy and easy to carry out. For this purpose, you need to have a tanner. The self tanner can come in handy to get a bronzed or golden tan.

There are a lot of varieties to choose from in tanning. The secrets of success are---
Neutrogena instant bronze--

This is a sunless tanner and it takes 30 minutes to have artificial tanning. This tanner works very fast since it is made on the basis of dry formulas. These dry formulas allow you to dress up within 5 minutes.

Environmental shield self tanner---

This tanner gives you SPF protection. You body can show tan within 2 hours time. After having the tan, you should relax on the beach and this will offer sun protection as well. Remember you are not supposed to swim since water may leave some streak after you get out of the water.
Clinique self tanning body mist---

This process involves spraying. You need to spray rub and wash the hands. There are several sprays available in the market and some of them smell good. The spray dries very fast.
Clarins instant self tanning gel—

This self tanner has good smell and does not choke the pores of the body. This tanner is not harmful as it is based on plant botanicals.

Self tanning cream---

This tanner gives you a beautiful bronze color and also not very expensive. This tanner also has a beautiful fragrance of coconut and generally comes in 3 colors namely medium, dark and deep dark.
Now you have to keep in mind that the self tanner should be perfect in all respects. There should be a right application procedure for self tanning and you need to make a proper plan before starting the procedure. You need to have a blending technique and personal experience. Both these things will work for you.