Some Useful Tanning Bed Tips!

If you think that tanning is as simple as just lying down in a tanning bed, then you are mistaken. A wrong way of lie down in a tanning bed can cause you some serious problems like uneven tanned skin, burns or even skin cancer. So, here are some useful tips to get much better tan.

First of all, a stand up booth is a complete solution for the uneven tanning. You may find the tanning beds more relaxing with these stand up booths. In order to minimize the white strips from your side, it is important for you to keep your hands raised over your head while going in to the tanning beds. 

Besides this, to get an even tan you can also try to rotate your body at a slight angle while you tan. Do this step for both the sides of your body and for an equal time period. This adds up to eliminate the signs of uneven tanning and this is the most widely practiced exercise that is recommended by the doctors all over the world.

There are many cases where the tanners usually get uneven tan on their shoulders, back and back of their legs. The main reason behind this is the pressure exerted by the tanning beds on these parts. In order to eliminate these tanning marks, all you need to do is to turn your stomach halfway through your tanning process. This exercise is very effective for an even tan on your back and front.

Lastly, sometimes you get the white stripes on your back and side which is usually the result of the open gapes on your tanning beds but it may also happen due to the uneven application of a tanning lotion. Normally, people forget to apply these tanning lotions on their back, sides and hips in hurry. So, it is important for you to apply these tanning lotions on all body parts evenly.

All the above mentioned tips as to how to lie down on a tanning bed would definitely help you get the even tan every time you lie on your tanning bed. So, what are you waiting for, just try these tips at the time of tanning process and get your desired golden brown skin and look beautiful.