Tan Your Face By Bion Tanning

The bion tanning gives you a perfect tan in the indoor comfort, without the scorching sun! This self tan home tanner, from Bion, allows you to tan conveniently in the easiest way and give the charming look on your face. The bion products have always taken care of the customer needs and that is the reason of their popularity.

The product features of the bion facial tanner are:

  • It has exposure time of maximum thirty minutes.
  • The eye protection equipment comes along with the package.
  • Auto timer shutoff prevents over exposure and less penetration of the UV radiations.
  • Works with 110 to 120 V outlet.
  • The four lamps are of 15 watt each.

The mode of use of the bion tanning:

1. Place the facial tanner on any level surface to your comfort line and plug it in.
2. Put on the protective eye goggles since the radiations damage the retina.
3. Switch on the timer for the desired time that you want and this will automatically shut off after the appropriate time has elapsed.
4. Position yourself in front of the appliance, approximately 4 inches from the bulbs.
5. You should turn your face from time to time so that you get an even and gorgeous tan.

The bion tanning makes your face look charming and appealing, day by day. Discover in yourself the real beauty which had been hiding since long.