Tanning Bed Accessories: Tanning Lamps

Tanning bed lamps and tanning bed replacement bulbs are available with different UVA and UVB blends. You get the good tanning effect when the bed is equipped with the best quality tanning lamps. With the indoor tanning lamps, you can have the facility of tanning in a controlled atmosphere. You can get the tan of your choice to the extent you want. No possibility of uneven tanning is here as in the case of tanning under the hot sun.

The most common type of tanning lamp you have is a 100 watt, F 71 type with bi-pin connectors on the ends. From cap to cap its length is 69 3/8”. For the optimum performance of the lamps, you need to replace your starters once in three years or along with the lamp replacement. If your lamps are slow to fire completely up, do replace the starters.

You are expected to know correctly, when you need to change your lamps, using a UV Light Meter. Your guess work with regard to the life of the lamp comes to an end and the device that read in UV light will give you correct hints of the declining or reduced lamp output. With this meter you can record the meter reading when the new lamps are installed and thereafter, after a fixed period you see the changed reading. The normal life of a good lamp is 1000 hours and replacement is recommended, when the output is 70% of the original value.

The experience of the sunburn is very painful and indoor tanning beds with good tanning lamps provide the correct answer. Sunburn has a most unwanted effect on the skin. It encourages aging of the skin and skin cancer.

Tanning should not exceed the ability of the body’s protective pigment, melanin to protect the skin. During suntan the sunrays destroys the cells in the outer layer of the skin, in the process the tiny blood vessels underneath are destroyed. Further down, it destroys skin’s layers and damage elastic fibers in the skin. Repeated overexposure leads to wrinkled skin.

The idea of availing the facility of indoor tanning with good tanning beds that have high quality tanning lamps is that you can have the tanning benefit as per your choice and to the extent you want.

You have the choice of using the tanning bulbs to the level of intensity desired by you.