Tanning Salons

Tanning salons make your skin look like a furnished copper tone sheath with such a beautiful glow that you would find it hard to believe yourself in the mirror. The designer skin look of skin in tanning salons is done in different modes. There are numerous ways comprising of sunless tanning options with spray tanning or tanning booths with radiations and alike.

Tanning Salons don't have the risk of certain problems associated with tanning. They have tanning booths which are regulated by programmed commands to keep a track of the time of tan and the required radiation of ultraviolet rays for stimulating the melanin from melenocytes which turn the skin to brown.

Spray tanning which is also known as airbrush tanning is a temporary tanning by mists sprayed to your skin inside the booth to give a look as if your skin is naturally tanned. But, they don't last for more than 10 days. To get the spray tanning done in a better way, the tanning salons assist you in their professional way to give a perfect tan which would almost look like original. To get better spray tanning you should:

  • Shave, shower, and exfoliate your skin before you go for tanning.
  • Make your skin free from any kind of gels, makeup, lotions, oils or deodorants.
  • After air brush tanning, try to wear loose clothes and avoid any kind of exercise, shower after 12 hours.

Genuine tanning of skin by the tanners, requires some routine and regular visits to the tanning salons until you get the perfect tan. If you don't have a tanning bed, then tanning salons are the best place to get your body tanned at, in a safe and healthy manner. The tanning salons use the lotions that enhance the tan and also protect the skin moisture and provide the nutrients to keep the skin healthy. The DHA formula of the lotions enhances the tan and gives a quick glow to your skin. The tanning beds of the salons are bigger in size and they give proportionate tan to your body.

But beware of certain facts regarding commercial tanning:

1. Avoid over doing it, better use it for short time intervals.
2. Always wear eye protection.
3. Try not to have any direct contact with the bulbs.
4. Take the help of an attendant and follow his instructions.
5. Massage a proper lotion.