The Common Self Tanning Mistakes

Self-tanners work as alternatives to the more harmful way of getting tanned by baking yourself under the sun. However, you need to apply the correct techniques and methods of using them to get maximum results without any side-effects.

With regard to various self-tanners, there have been various horror stories about the color streaking unevenly and of the tanner rubbing off on the clothes. The solution to all such problems lies in accurate use of the product. So, let us discuss some of the common self-tanning mistakes that you might commit:

  • Sometimes in a hurry or due to plain carelessness or laziness, you might not even care to exfoliate and moisturize before using a self-tanner. As a result, this uneven surface would lead to an uneven, ugly-looking tan. Moisturizing is not to be done immediately before applying the tanner but a few days before that. You can start exfoliating and moisturizing a few days prior to the tanning treatment.

  • Try and work the tanner slowly on your skin. Especially, if you are prone to streaking. In that case, also try and go in for a lotion instead of quick-drying foam so that you have more time to rub the product on your skin.

  • The thicker areas of the skin tend to absorb more of the tanner and thus appear darker. There can be blotchy spots, dark ankles, elbows and knuckles. So, do not forget to exfoliate and moisturize these areas of your body just like all the other parts. Also, dilute the tanner with a moisturizer before applying to these areas. This will lighten the color. If even after these precautions, you end up with dark blotches, you can scrub them gently with a loofah under the shower.

  • Another problem that you might face is that the tanner might not give the desired shade. It might be too orange or yellow. Understand that this kind of a difference occurs because no two people have same type and color of skin. Finding the right shade can only come about by experimenting. In case you are not satisfied with the shade of your tan, just go for a swim in the pool. The chlorine will lead to lightening of the tan.

  • There are also chances that your skin color may not change at all. This problem arises when either the product is too old or the skin is too wet or moisturized to hold on to the product properly.

  • Since the self-tanner is made to color every part of your body that it comes in contact with, it may turn your palms orange. So, wash your hands many times with soap and water. It is better to use surgical gloves while applying it. Some people even go in for a spray tan in which there are no such problems. But while the spray tan is being done, take care to close your eyes and mouth tightly.

So now you know what can be the possible problems that you might face when going in for self- tanning. But, they can be easily overcome by a little precaution and correct knowledge.