The Safety Of Indoor Tanning

The safety of indoor tanning is now known to everyone. Sun tanning has been declared unsafe and harmful. This is the most safe way to tan yourself than lying in the sun and getting tanned while sunbathing. This way of tanning gives you over exposure to UV or ultraviolet rays causing skin cancer and other dermal diseases. Most of the people prefer going to tanning salons, to avoid the risks involved with sun tanning. But, visiting tanning salon does not minimize your risk of attaining damages. Certain health risks and problems are still there.

In the conventional tanning salons, tanning beds are used to tan the customers. These tanning beds make use of UV(B) and UV(A) rays. Overexposure of body to these harmful rays results in the development of skin cancer. But, if you are tanning yourself using this method only then use proper tanning lotion with enough SPF to protect your skin from damages. The amount of SPF should be between 8 to 15.

Now, there are certain risks involved with these tanning salons thus people are going for sunless tanning booths and sunless tanning products. They are not only safe and secure but easy to apply as well. In sunless tanning booths, spray tanning is carried out. But, it only lasts for three to five days and thus is not used frequently in tanning salons.

Use of sunless tanning lotion is another alternative of indoor tanning. Initially, these lotions didn't bestow satisfactory results but now they have improved a lot. The condition is this that you should go for the best quality ones as cheaper ones are still bestowing the same results like the older ones. Indoor tanning is considered as much safer an option than sun tanning and more and more people are preferring it for safe and secure tanning.