The Upsurge Of Tanning Trends

 In earlier days, fair skin was considered to be beautiful and attractive. Dark skin was considered to be a stigma which invited discrimination. Fair skin was considered a mark of royalty and grace.

The whole story of tanning began when the fashion diva Coco Chanel while on holiday in the French Riviera accidentally acquired a tan which became a popular style statement thereafter. By the 1960's the concept of tan assumed a whole new identity. It came to be associated with wealthy people who could afford to go out for leisure, recreation and vacations. Women also came out of their closets and started making efforts to appear fashionable. Sports like swimming and other outdoor activities became prominent.

Subsequently, various other celebrities showed off their tans and thus the public emulated them, little knowing that the sunburns that they were gradually acquiring could turn into cancer some years hence.

Although, later it was discovered that a long time spent in the sun could lead to skin cancer and various other health-related issues, it is still a fad amongst youngsters who feel that it makes them look better, stylish and athletic. The cosmetic trends of today are pushing more and more people to acquire a tan, whether by natural or by artificial means. This is sometimes worrying as damage to the skin over the years can later on manifest itself in the form of various skin cancers and related issues.

Various efforts have been made in the direction of making the public aware of the harm which can be caused by the sun. The findings of a survey indicate that though the awareness about the issue has risen, yet having a tan is still considered as an enhancement to the appearance, particularly by men. The fascination for the tan has given rise to places such as tanning salons and booths.

It is estimated that about 22 million Americans suntan every year. The reasons range from improving health of the skin to increasing sexual attractiveness. Those who live in areas where there is less of sun obviously rush to get a suntan at the earliest available opportunity. According to them, it counters depression caused by the gloomy weather.

Although tanning is a trend, yet it should not to be forgotten that using adequate protection is a must. After all, who wants to get cancer later on?