Top Self Tanning Secrets Revealed Here

You wish to have the glowing tan but don’t wish to bask in the sun, as you relate the act to skin cancer…How to resolve this issue? Well, get a self tanner and solve all your problems. Yes, getting that long desired bronzed or golden tan is that easy with a self tanner.

You can choose from ample varieties. I give you information and technical details, about some of them:

1.Neutrogena Instant Bronze, Deep. This is a sunless tanner for an instant bronzer. Wherein, artificial tanning takes at least 30 minutes of you. Instant tanners are fast and their dry formulas permit you to dress within 5 minutes.

2. Environmental Shield Self Tanner: It has SPF protection. Tan shows up within 2 hours. After the tan you can relax on the beach as it offers sun protection. Don’t swim, only watch others swim! For, the risk of wash away and streak marks is another reality to it.

3.Clinique Self-Tanning Body Mist: This is a spray. Spray, rub and wash your hands. It has a good smell, and dries very fast.

4.Clarins Instant Self Tanning Gel: This is one of the best smelling self tanners. It doesn’t clog pores. It is made from plant botanicals.

5.Bain de Soleil Streakguarde Self Tanning Creme: This is cheap self tanner and gives you beautiful bronze color. It has a coconut scent. You have three colors in this category: Medium, dark and deep dark.

You need to have not only a perfect self-tanner, but its right application as well. It needs to be perfect. You have to carefully plan yourself about tanning. You evolve the procedure by experience. Your personal preferences and blending techniques count a lot, to get the perfect result.

Self- tanning is a patient job. It takes anything between 30 to 60 minutes. Still, you are saving time. To get the same results, you may have to lie down on the beach for three hours.

Before the self-tanning exercise, take a shower and scrub yourself well, but don’t overdo the exercise. Your skin should be dry for good results. Self-tanning is a naked exercise. For applying self-tanner on your back, use a long-handled paintbrush. Don’t self-tan all over. Treat one part of the body at a time. You can try surgical or plastic gloves for this purpose. Some parts of the body pick up tan easily while others take time. Do not exercise or swim after self-tanning for three hours at least. You can dress after 15 minutes.

Over a period of time, after some experimental applications, you have become an expert; begin to give profound advice to your friends and relatives as well, as they appreciate your perfectly flowing tan and wish to know the secrets!