Wolff Tanning Beds Offers A Whole Tanning Feat

Wolff tanning beds, bulbs, accessories and equipments are popular for many reasons. If you intend buying one, or wish to have the replacement parts, Wolff is one of the tough competitors for the front line products of comparable variety.

Most Wolff parts have a reputation for easy installation. You can order them online. This is the easy way to order and you get prompt delivery.

Wolff beds have the best lamps. Whatever be the quality of the beds, if the lamps are not of the perfect quality, the whole exercise becomes futile. For, you get tanning through the lamps. Thus correct functioning of the tanning beds depends upon the performance of the lamps.

Another important feature of the Wolff Tanning bed is their system velocity sunlamps. Tanners are assured of a perfect tan as the lamp will last a whopping 1000 hours.

What is so special about the Wolff tanning bed that makes it so special? They have an advanced, formula of phosphor mix. The double baked phosphor provides even, dark tanning. The amounts of UVB and UVA are scientifically measured and therefore supposed to be harmless.

Each part and product attached to the bed is designed to perfection. The latest technology is used in the process and thus you are very well assured of good return for your money.

Wolff is well known all over the world for its quality and safety. The founder-brain behind this company is a German scientist, Friedrich Wolff. He brought his research material on reflector technologies to USA in the year 1978. He is considered as the father of the tanning boom.

The main advantage of buying Wolff tanning beds is that they have the complete range of spare parts that include tanning booths, tanning beds, tanning bed bulbs, tanning bed parts, tanning lotions and lamps. The important bed models are Sunquest, Sunvision, Sunstar, Starpower, Sundome and Solaris.

If you have a look at some of the salient features provided in the Wolff tanning beds, you will be astonished at the progress the tanning industry has made. The long lasting construction and state of the art design apart, it has the exclusive mirror technology, turbo cooling fans, and an excellent internal cooling system. It has the protective eye wear and pillow besides many other modern features.

It is a whole tanning feat by Wolff. Isn’t?