Beach Tanning: A Sheer Fun Tan Experience

Having a tan on the sea shore is a sheer fun. Many people are simply crazy about getting a suntan while staying along side the beach for couple of weeks.

Well, beach tanning is most preferred practice for attaining natural tan color. This type of tanning not only provides you with desired tan color but also offers you much needed rejuvenation. Your daily tight schedule often keeps you under stress. If you are on a beach tanning excursion, the rich tan color with the natural ambiance would help you shed your stress.

In fact a good number of tanning salons and spas are being run along side the beaches to help in your quest of gaining natural tan through direct sun exposure. But ladies! You must take necessary protection before lying naked along side beaches for sun tan. You are needed to protect your genitals and breasts from direct ultraviolet exposure. Sun tan lotion must be massaged on the body for keeping the body moist during a sun tanning session.

Perfect time for beach tanning is late morning hours. Before 10 AM, you can undergo a naked tanning session. Otherwise you need a canopy to undergo safe sun tanning. To safe guard your eyes against the sun, you must always put on sun glasses in the sun.

A tanning session must not exceed an hour. Over exposure often result in skin complications. Some tanning maniacs have ended up developing skin cancer due to overexposure. So beware of all possible harmful effects that you may face as an outcome of unsafe tanning.

A beach tanning session also requires you to keep providing your body with enough of liquids to save yourself from dehydration. Skin dehydration should be specifically taken care of. For that, you may use certain lotions that keep your skin hydrated. Lotions that come with SPF formula are much preferred.

All products that you are likely to use during beach tanning sessions must be of high standard. A dermatologist's approval is desirable for the lotion and creams that you are using during the period. A couple of week’s stay at beach would be enough for attaining a tan that may last for long period.