Safe Tanning: Know The Do's And Dont's

Various questions arise in your mind regarding tanning when you read the hazards of it in your favorite lifestyle magazine or a website. And the very next moment you see a celebrity's tanned body photographed in the same magazine or at another website.

Well, despite all these ill claims about tanning or tanned skin, the truth is tanning prevails and is still opted by billions of people around the world with safety measures. Tanning besides all sense is very essential to your body for it helps in some metabolic activities. The borderline is to follow some defined tanning Do's and Dont's.

1.Do use your instinctive common sense while you go for tanning-- be it natural or artificial. Here is a list of Tanning do's and don't for that healthy and rich luster on your skin.

2.Don't tan without knowing your skin type. Do consult a dermatologist to know the type of your skin. And then tan accordingly.

3.Don't tan without moisturizing your skin. Your skin will get dry which will further make it prone to  various disorders. Do use quality moisturizers to get the safe tanning.

4.Don't tan naked. Its harmful for genital organs and breasts. Hence, do cover the susceptible parts of your body preferably with cotton cloths.

5.Don't tan with naked eyes. UV radiations cause harm to the retina of your eyes. Do wear sunglasses for sun tanning and goggles meant for tanning beds instead.

6.Don't use perfumes, deodorants or ant make up before tanning. They increase the possibility of sun burns. Instead go for tanning lotions.

7.For facial tanning don't use oils, but do use lotions or creams meant for tanning.

8.Don't tan for more than 20 minutes either under the sun or inside a tanner. Do keep track of the time you are exposed to UV rays. Less exposure to UV rays fulfills the requirement of the radiations needed by the body and has no side effects.